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This first one in a photo and article from El Paso Tx. 1917

The man in this photo is Hamilton P Rayner he was born 1859 in Raleigh North Carolina, died April 1932 El Paso. (you can find his memorial at Evergreen ( click here) and give him a  Thank You flower at www.findAgrave.com  free site) He started capturing wild Chihuahua's in 1901 when he was 42 This man lived a wild life being a  'Marshal in Dallas and Ft Worth, before moving to El Paso. His brother was in a bar in El Paso and was playing cards with Wyatt Erupt a fight happened and his brother was shot and killed.  I'm not sure but I would guess he was one of the first Chihuahua breeders.  The Chi. in this photo is sitting on his hand. This Chihuahua is a fine looking girl.



El Paso Morning Times Sunday Jan 14 1917

"Chico" the little dog sitting in the man's hand, is worth more than his weight in silver and almost his weight in gold. He weighs only two and half pounds, but his owner, Hamilton Rayner of 3330 Montana, El Paso, declares each pound in the makeup of Chico is worth $200.00

Mr. Rayner has been raising these dogs for nearly 15 years and has produced in Chico a super Chihuahua canine for the ordinary member of this family weighs about four pounds, Chico outdoing his brethren, therefore, by a pound and a half.

Although small, these dogs are extremely vital and posses qualities that make them different from ordinary canines. They can climb trees and steep hillsides almost like squirrels. When domesticated, they rank high as watch dogs, but require the care that one accords babies.

Mr. Rayner has attracted world-wide attention by some of the this species he has raised. At the St Louis World's fair, he took four prizes, and he has received inquiries from noted English dog experts and foreign an American papers have devoted many columns to descriptions of his pets.

Foreign royalty and American millionaires have been attracted by Chihuahua dogs, Mrs. Rayner having sold his little dogs to the following; Princes Colorado Mansfield, niece of the late Francis Joseph emperor of Austria-Hungary: William J Bryan who purchased two; H.H. Harges, partner of J P Morgan, who took tow; Mrs. Stuveysant,Fish, Two; J B Thomas; president of the C & A; Mrs. Owen Wister: Mr. Phefer, a Michigan brewer; a daughter of Anheuser Bush; Rider Haggard, Mrs., Stoddard, sister of the president of the Rock Island Lines and others.

At birth a Chihuahua puppy is but the size of a mouse and when he grows up his legs resemble a pencil.

As a native of the Mexican wild's, the Chihuahua dog has not entirely disappeared many of them being found. In fact, several have been located running wild in the Franklin mountains. But the wild specimen needs development, and Mr. Rayner is an expert at this, as proven by his success in Chico, who is just a little more than half the size of his small fellow Chihuahuas.


Missouri 1904; Chiquita, Weighing 23 Ounces, comes from Texas in a Cigar Box.

"my names is Chiquita, and I am the smallest dog in the World. I am on my way to the Bench Show at he Louisiana purchase Exposition, where I hope to win a few medals.

Chiquita's master, Hamilton Rayner of El Paso Texas who is a officer of the Southern Pacific Railroad at El Paso has brought with him six dogs, and the combined weight of them is less than twenty tree ounces. He is one of the few breeders of Chihuahua dogs in the country, and started his kennels from several dogs he captured Mexico a few years ago. There they are regarded as wild animals, but Mr. Rayner experienced in domesticating the ones he captured.

 This next Newspaper article is VERY INTERESTING !!

El Paso Aug 8 1937;

Few owners of this breed of tiny creatures can escape their companionable qualities. They appear timed and frail, but with care and love become one of the most faithful and unafraid of any breed of dogs. Several owners in Brownsville Texas attest to the fact that they are the most lovable of any domestic pet.

Mrs. E.B. Gore of Brownsville became attached to the Chihuahua breed when she lived in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. In the flat sections of the country, she has seen them running wild in droves, caught and domesticated by the Indians.

In their natural state in Mexico Mrs. Gore says the Chihuahua lives principally on bugs and rats and makes his home under rock ledges and caves in the mountains. He is unafraid of even far larger animals when he is a member of a pack, sometimes numbering 50 to 75. Mrs. Gore has been breeding the Chihuahua for several years in this city and numerous dogs been by her have won blue ribbons in shows through the country.

Several of Mrs. Smith's group of Chihuahuas can perform an have learned innumerable clever tricks. "NINA", A LONGER HAIRED BREED OF THE CHIHUAHUA, is attached to a rubber toy cat which she has played with for years. Mrs. Smith related, " CHIQUITA", the smallest of Mrs. Smith's canine family, weighs only 3.50 three and a half pounds, although many full grown Chihuahuas weigh less than two pounds, and a few have weighted as little as one and half pounds.

Although the Chihuahua is usually fed conventional dog rations some have cravings for fruits and vegetables unlike other dogs. Papayas, Watermelons, Cantaloupes and other semi-tropical fruits are particularly palatable to some Chihuahuas, Mrs. Smith stated. Usually they require more milk and ample rations than other breeds the Brownsville breeders agreed


 San Diego newspaper May 27 1907

 (we wonder where the Shy Gene comes from ... to survive and not to become dinner)

( interesting only the well to do who had money could afford a Chihuahua.Yet the Mexican Government only saw it as worthless, and only REDEEMING VALUE It was Good to EAT.)

The American consul general at the City of Mexico has sounded a note of more or less wild alarm. The Chihuahua dog, he says, is perishing from the earth. It has already become so scarce, in its true and undiluted form that specimens are NEVER sold for less than 200 Mexican. The world sadly faces the day when even Mr. J P Morgan could not afford one because there would not be a genuine Chihuahua dog to be found this side of the equal sky where the faithful dog resurrected and glorified is supposed to bear the hunter company.

Yet if the truth be told we see no reason why the world should not confront the extinction of the Chihuahua dog with a considerable degree of equanimity.(calmness) What is the Chihuahua dog? There is a COMMON IMPRESSION THAT IT IS THE WELL-KNOWN HAIRLESS DOG OF MEXICO. THIS IS A MISTAKE. It would indeed be a pity of this breed, were to become extinct, because it is GOOD TO EAT -- REALLY GOOD TO EAT. ROASTED AND ON THE PLATTER THIS CREATURE IS INDISTINGUISHABLE, BOTH IN APPEARANCE AND QUALITY, FROM ROAST SUCKLING PIG. More could not be said for it. The little HAIRLESS dog is moreover Intelligent, Affectionate and Discreet.

But there is no danger of the Extinction of the hairless dog., still abundant.

The Chihuahua dog is not hairless. He is an extremely small dog.-- weighing about 1.50 pounds. He is locally supposed to be "A PRAIRIE DOG" and the supposition does full credit to the simplicity and gullibility of mind of the Mexican peon. Naturally the dog is nothing of the kind, any such hybrid being as impossible. The chief point of interest about the Chihuahua dog is in his minute size and his AWFUL DESTRUCTIVENESS. HE HAS BEEN KNOWN TO REDUCE TO SHREDS IN A HALF A MINUTE A THOUGH MEXICAN SOMBRERO THREE TIMES HIS SIZE. If he has any use in the world whatever it has never been suspected. If the Chihuahua dog is going to disappear, better let it Disappear. WE can get along with out it.



Kansas City May 28 1899

Fashion dogs.

For the ladies trade exclusively breeders now turn out remarkable dog deformities of search the world for natural freaks, since it is for the rarity and peculiarity, not beauty or intelligence in these pet animals. that the highest prices are paid. The pet Bull dogs, for example are now bred with legs as bandy as those of dachshunds, for it's the fashion to own
Bull puppies that have abnormally wide shoulders and exaggerated lowness in front. To gain this result the unfortunate animal is confined, during the period of his most rapid growth. In such a small space that his body is actually forced down and out and the tender bones of the forelegs bent. The fancy dachshunds undergo similar severe training I many instances and thus the modern love of curiosities is fashioned.

The tow most interesting and expensive breeds of dogs now in the canine market are not however, in either case the result of this cruel science, but are strand beautiful creatures of natural growth. The little South American Chihuahua, who is no bigger than a toy spaniel, with lovely eyes and ears delicately and beautifully feathered, comes only so from his native wild. There are only so from his native country and these are tenderly looked after than most infirm infants. A perfect Chihuahua is hard to find, hard to import and doubly hard to keep alive. He cost near $1,000.00 when set down in the stain lined basked of his new found mistress and then any weakness of his lungs or his digestion is apt to bring him promptly to the grave.

Not quite so costly, but almost as rare is the Mexican crested dog, a beautiful dark, short haired creature with a tuff or white lock between his ears.




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