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So you are Thinking about Breeding

And make that money "You think" we do.


BE it one girl or you are thinking about becoming a Breeder.

Here are some things to think about.


you will eighter love it or hate it


1..First think long and hard about it first.

You have to first purchase the dogs, and it is very important to buy quality,

your dear pet is usually not the dog.


You want a live litter ~ yes

Do you have the time to be with the expecting mother at her due time.

               That can be a 4 to 5 day of watching her, getting up when she is ready, getting up

even when she is digging in her bed (nesting).

Staying home with her even on Thanksgiving, not going out for your birthday dinner


May it be in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning.

The birthing can take hours, the first stage of labor can last 2 to 4 hours,

 and the birthing process can take 1 hour or 4 hours all depends on the number of pups.

Can YOU Handle it

Can you disregard birth fluids and give mouth to mouth to save a gasping newborn,

 literally blowing life into a tiny helpless creature.

Can you handle the birthing process, without freaking out.

Are you able to wield a mop, more than once a day. clean pups will walk/lay on anything

 the bigger they get the more you will have to do.

Mothers stop cleaning pups when they are eating food.

 Then it is your turn until they go home.

Do you have a place for growing pups they starting playing at 4 weeks of age.

Can you handle giving shots? If not, again off to the Vets.

Can you handle if something goes very wrong and your girl dies, or a puppy dies?

What "can" go wrong

Just like us, many things can go wrong, even with us we can die giving birth.

1. They can die during or after a C Section.

The pup or pups may not start breathing after a C Section and dies and you still pay full cost..

2. Milk fever, not letting down her mike correctly. ( "can" happen from 2wks to weaning) They get stiff legs, painting, vomit - death if you do not get her to the Vets. ASAP. You can’t wait until after work.

3. Not knowing how to feel if she still has a pup inside and not done birthing. So again you are off to the Vets. if you are not sure. If pup dies inside you have a big problem, again she could die if not taken care of ASAP

4. Sometimes a new mother or a exhausted mother after birthing can lay on a pup and kill it.

5. A pup can sometimes hang on to a nipple while the mother is getting out of her bed, and drops off on the floor, it gets chilled and stops nursing and dies.

6. Weaning time is hard on some pups, they refuse to eat and only want to nurse, if you push weaning they can get low blood sugar and die.

7. That so called T cup that is born at 2 ounces. It is up to you to make sure that pup gets its fair share of milk, even getting up during the night to do it. And it can still die if they just refuse to nurse after day 4, but it’s up to you to do your best for that Tiny one.

note; for some reason the tiny ones will just stop nursing, also if any pup doesn’t look round in the belly in 24 hrs (full) they die.

Experience is the greatest teacher, some things you can not learn from books, it is hands on, the knowing by just looking at your girl/pups that something is very wrong, without a strong outward sign.


Do you have a Vet that you can call at 3AM. for help, or to take her in for a C-Section.

Do you know the cost of a C-Section ?

Price vary all are over $400.00 to $1,500. +

Yes even if it is "one " pup

Do you know the E.R. Vet in your area,

 just incase your Vet can’t be reached.

 And That cost also ~ that is always more.


Have you checked out that cost, you can’t run adds of Craig List, unless it is free.

Website adds are not free, and many make you pay for 6 months at a time.

 Newspaper adds cost from 45.00 for 10 days up to 75.00/90.00 for 10 days, all depends on the newspaper.

 The Free papers people are looking for the free/Cheap pups.

 Also never count on family or friends who say .. "Oh I want a puppy" When the time comes, they back out, even if you are giving them away to them.

Selling the pup

Are you willing to answer the phone late at night or before the sun comes up.

 People do not care and will call.

 People will say ‘I will be there Sunday around 11 Am. and never show or call.

 So you sit and wait, wonder should you go to the Bar-B-Q or not can I take that shower or run to the store? This happens so many times I have lost count.

And ONE LAST Thing to Think about

Can you not sputter and say something to regret when people ask you, Well they are so little why do you want that kind of money?

I only want to pay XXX.00. Or have their little children call you thinking it will tug on your heart and let that pup go "cheap" or Free

Experience is the greatest teacher, some things you can not learn from books, it is hands on, the knowing by just looking at your girl/pups that something is very wrong, without a strong outward sign.

And people will think nothing of asking you to take less. This is up to you to take less.

So sit back and think and if you still want to do this.

I'm fine with that, I'm not the type of breeder who says

" I can do it but you can't."

As in all things in life, If you are going to do it do it to the best of your abilities !

There are

STANDARD/RESPONSIBLE and SUBSTANDARD / IRRESPONSIBLE breeders. It is all about the care and well being of your animals and it is against the law to not care for or mistreat animals. Any registry, licenses, places where your animals are kept or the number of animals of any sort does not constitute the care and well being of animals.