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This is TJ's first and last litter this was not planed at all. She has the most of many of my OLD lines; from her mother Trudy ( who is my daughters girl) father is my Cash. She is a keepsake you could say;

She came into heat and she was kept up; after her heat I had a appointment to get her fixed; My vet had to cancel on me do to his health and I didn't want a intern to do her spay. So I waited but with in one month she came back into heat that I did not realized; I had her with a very young 6 month old boy... HE got her ! I didn't even know he did until she gave birth  No milk  No fat tummy, no enlarged nipples. She just pushed a few times and out the pup came  Also I never had a 6 month old know what to do ! My vet said her first heat was a faults heat and yes a 6 month old boy can.. well we all learn something .. usually I have to put a new boy at about 1 yr old with a old time female - hooker to teach them...         

I wasn't sure if TJ would have enough milk or could keep up with him at the 4 - 5 weeks of age this is a time pups nurse a LOT and just before weaning this is the hardest time for any mother.

I'm posting up some pics of TJ that is only 2.50 lbs and of Little Dude; This pup has the same markings of his sire; 

Most breeders will not tell you any thing or reason; just here is the pup. I'm not that way.


This is Sunshine who is Due Jan 8-12 2020 and TJ pic taken today Jan 7 2020

below isd TJ and Little Dude who is out of Mary & Diego he is 10 months old now


 SOLD TO Austin Vinson 1/30/20

1. BOY $1,250.00

born Nov 28 2019 on Thanksgiving day

He is 5 weeks & 3 days old in these pics taken 1/6/20

This pup below; is charting out at 3.50 to 3.75 lbs grown;

He is weaning great and loves to be held !

sold 1/30/20

Below at 8 weeks



 per the state of Texas I have to charge sales tax 0.0775 














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