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1. AKC Chihuahua standard 1923 to 1962

The natural born Bob Tail or tailless is permissible, if so born.

These tails are the result of a complex recessive gene.

So even today a Chihuahua can be born with this.


2. From a old book I have:

"The Dog Owner's manual " printed 1936

They had 2 classes for Chihuahua

Smooth Coat size up to 5 lbs Prefer 2 to 4 lbs.

Long coat size up to 8 lbs but prefer 3 - 6 lbs

In 1950’s they combine the two as one and compromised on weight 6 pounds and under.

3. In America we breed both types of coats together.

In England they breed long coat to long coat, Smooth to Smooth.


They were in England by 1899, and were exhibited, but they didn't go over very well, The Pioneer of The Chihuahua in England was Mrs. Powell, she started in 1930. Then WW2 started and her home was bomb and all of her dogs were killed, she was so heart broken she ended up in a nursing home and died. Her imports were out of Meron and Perrito (foundation studs). It wasn't until after WW2 They brought back the Chihuahua to England. They literally had to start over.


6.A article published in "Our Dogs" 1904 states that Singer Rosina Casselli that her Chihuahua never got Distemper. This has been recorded in other records, this is a amazing truth when the disease was common throughout Europe, the Chihuahua owners rarely inoculated their dogs

( the above is history, please vaccinate your pup!)

7. They are natural retrievers and will attempt to carry anything.


8.They seem to be the only breed of dog that knows there own kind.

9.  also if you wondering where the "SHY" gene comes from. Then read, San Diego newspaper May 27 1907 on my page; Vintage Chihauhua 

Even thou the Chihuahua are a hardy little dog they lack common sense. They lack judgment and will take a high dive from the sofa or out your arms. And many times they have NO fear of a larger dog or cat.