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ALL "pet" sales must be face to face, buyer can fly in to meet the breeder at the airport to pick up the puppy or they can send a person they trust to meet the breeder at the airport to pick up. you can send someone you know to pick up the puppy from me.

Beginning November 18, 2013, I will be joining a very large number of breeders across the U.S. in no longer shipping pets.

Due to a change in Department of Agriculture regulations for pet breeders  the USDA itself has  now MADE IT impossible for most persons who sell pets to legally ship a pet that the buyer has not seen in person. Violations of this rule carry severe penalties. For our safety, ALL sales  of PETS must take place face to face.

You can have a friend or realative pick up the puppy for you... that is OK per the USDA.

If you are looking for a puppy to be a BREEDER then .. please do Contact me.

The new law states if you have 5 females ( be any combination of Cat,dog,gerbil, hamster,guinea pig,ferret,etc ) and ship you must be USDA Lic.

I will not put my Chihuahua's in cages to live out their life in.  

My mothers will have their pups born in my home, and pups will stay in my home., they will sit on the couch with me if they want to!

This is not possible to do under the USDA laws.

Up until this point the USDA lic was for breeders who sold to Brokers who  then sale to pet stores. There reason to stop sick puppies being shipped. But to ship you must have a Vet. check the pup and have a Health Cert. to  hand over to the Airlines. The Airlines will not send on a pup without it. nor if the puppy is drugged or obviously sick. They will say NO. 

This ruling is going to seriously curtail the choice of those wishing to buy the pet of their choice unless you are willing to travel to your breeder of choice regardless of distance. While we do understand the need to stop those who don't properly care for their animals,  we already have existing state and federal laws for those issues, and should be inforced.

If you would like to help us fight this bad choice of regulation policy, please contact your Congress person. It is YOUR right to be able to buy a PUPPY or kitten from whoever you choose and to pick it up personally or have your PUPPY or kitten shipped to you or to meet your breeder at a mutually agreed upon place to save you travel and expense.

However, you only have that right if it remains OUR right to offer those choices.