Texas long coats
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TO HELP GIVE YOU A IDEA ON HOW MY PUPS TURN OUT AND to see more of my pups as babies and grown go to my page; Magical World of the Sable Coat.

This was my first litter

Blue coatsone of these girl older blue coat

Now below is some photo sent to me from their new family

Barkley out of Colette an Cash at 10 weks; Texas Long Coats

  see more on my sable page   a champion in England    Her baby boy as a pup     

Below is a Molly and Jr.dark sable see more on my Sable Page

Hi Nadine absolutely put up his photos.  His temperament is just amazing. He's very patient with very small children and has never growled or snapped at anyone. In fact, he has never growled or snapped EVER, except with other dogs once in awhile, if he feels threatened. My kitty is 4 times his size (16 pound kitty) and the kitty beats up on him a bit but they are very loving with each other. a

He is 3 and the love of my life. Look how much he has lightened up and how long his beautiful coat is. He is a service animal and perfectly behaved. Thanks for my best friend! This is the same puppy I sent you the picture of when he was in my purse. He is 4.5 pounds and absolutely the best dog I've ever had! The sable coat is an interesting thing!  ( March 13 2015)

 age of 2 weeks at 11 weeks of age 

born Feb 2012 and now March 25015 3 yrs