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A little history, I grew up in Torrance Calif. and have always been a animal person. To the point that my father said if..... if breaths air do not bring it HOME ! I wanted to breed Poodles in the late 1960's but I couldn't talk my father into it. When I was married, my husband said no to breeding also, so I did the next best thing, I started  to rescue dogs out of the shelters in the 1970's. Until my first husband said I was not allowed to drive with in 10 miles of any Shelter. I took the one’s people wouldn’t, from new born kittens to Coon hounds to Chinese Crested, that everyone said it had the mage. And the shelter didn’t want me to have her ! I knew better, but had No Idea what she was. Took me weeks to find out what she was. I also stole a tiny white Chihuahua puppy. With the help of the Shelter’s guard. I was breaking my husband’s demands. So I took No money with me..( touchier) I was crying and walking away, and the guard said " Open your purse!" I DID, and he put the puppy inside and said "now get to your car !" …. I DID. "Try to explain that one to your husband."

One of my saddest rescues was a very Old Shih Tzu female. They had put her with the dead dogs, until someone saw her move. They made me pay full price for a blind, deaf, matted from one end to the other, toe nails so long that they curled back in to her legs. I spent over 300.00 to get her fixed up at the Vets and that was in the early 80’s.. I couldn’t keep her, she was getting lost on our 5 acres. So my mother in law took her and she lived another 4 years, Very Happy !!!!! One of my favorites that I kept, was a 12 to 14 year old chocolate female Chihuahua. Not from a Shelter, but from people who got free or cheap dogs and then only fed them potatoes and wondered why they died ! They were given this girl because they said she bit. She jump into my lap and looked right at me ! And I had to get her. I was moving out of state the next-day and just getting some things these people borrowed. I ended paying them 175.00 for this dog. I moved from Calif. to Tenn. with 3 Goldens, 2 cats, a new Chihuahua all in a station wagon ,with a new husband. ( one cat was a rescue kitten she live to be 24 yrs 3 months old & died in my arms, she lived longer with me than my own children. I've been told that if "Daffy" had lived another 4 months she would had broken the record )

I did find homes for all my rescued dogs and kittens.

I did get to breed Golden Retv. for a few years, they all died of old age, with me.

I know as well as you, some people do not take care of their pets. Thank our Lord most do. But I always wanted to breed and do it RIGHT, and to the Best of my knowledge, I never not stop learning, nobody knows it all.

This is also why I would like to know something about you ! You tell me, I don’t have a questionnaire, I want to hear from you, in your own words.




THE Dog House
 Air Conditioned  and Heat, insulation  (R19) Roof, Walls and floor (R30).
Also all of our dogs drink water from a 3 stage water filter. No Hose water and better than TAP water..  BUT, OUR  pups are born inside our home and stay in OUR home until they go home.