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Chihuahua History in a Nut Shell

The Chihuahua begins with the Aztecs they were bred to be with people. They were traded, used as a food source, and buried with them.

Even in 1902-1907 The Mexican Government only saw them something good to EAT, and of No Value.  Then by the 1920  In Mexico The Groom would put a Chihuahua in a bouquet of flowers as a gift to his Bride. 


If you watch the KERA TV (public) The show on the American Indian the Comanche’s had the Chihuahua, They show a family photo and their daughter was holding one. Both my husband and I jumped up and pointed to the TV.... "CHIHUAHUA" This photo was from the 1880’s


The first Chihuahua was exhibited was entered as a Chihuahua Terrier in a class for "miscellaneous ~ Foreign Dogs"

newspaper of;'Jan 28 1886
William E Russell (1839-1890) came to Texas in the 1850s, where he traded along the Chihuahua Trail and had a store at the Horsehead Crossing of the Pecos River. He settled in Presidio Co. Tx. (south of El Paso on the Rio Grande) was known for his Chihuahuas Short coats and Long Hairs, and sold them. His wife was from Chihuahua Mexico.

1890 Four Chihuahuas were first recorded into the Studbook

1904 "Midget" AKC FIRST Chihuahua 1904

The first registered with the American kennel club he was a Red Coated Chi. owned by a Texan from El Paso, that was in 1904 Three other Chihuahuas were also registered.

The Chihuahua club of America was founded in 1923 . In 1952 the Long Coat of America became, until then the Long and Smooth coats were shown together, but with different standards in weight.


The next well-known Chihuahua is *Caranza He was a Red "Long" coat. Carnaza was killed at a young age, but he did sire Meron and Perrito, These 2 boys became the foundation of 2 American Lines. Perrito line died out in the late 1920 but his influence was greatly prized in future generations to come.

In 1915 there were 30 Chihuahuas registered in the U.S.

Now the Authorizes of the Chihuahua world "think" That Caranza was not pure bred because he was a Long coat. "But it doesn't matter today he was a foundation stud."

For a great read on the History and care of a Chihuahua; I recommend "Chihuahua" A kennel club book by Barbara J Andrews. Pet Smart Carries this book


The Chihuahua not only love people they Adore us!

Dogs in general Love People, having many different breeds in my life this little dog truly personifies their love of "Their" family or Their Person. They can be friendly with other people but they are loyal to their family.